Organisational Consultancy, Mediation, Mentoring, Executive and Leadership Coaching

There is a growing awareness within the field of coaching that simply to have been trained as a coach is insufficient. My psychological training enables me to have deeper understanding of underlying dynamics, systems and processes and a greater range of resources and insights to support the work.

These sessions can also be used to support the professional when difficulties arise in their personal lives which impact upon the ability to perform at work.

Organisational Consultancy

Organisational development is about working with the potential of organisations to work to their optimum capacity. It is about working with the whole system to achieve shared visions and goals in a way which results in greater effectiveness of the organisation. It is about individuals in the organisation problem solving, learning new techniques and skills, and creating an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

Organisational development contributes to the sustained health and effectiveness of the organisation .It is planned and systematic in focus while taking into account the whole organisation. It works to align different activities, projects and initiatives, involves individuals and groups to maximise ownership, engagement and contribution.

Ruth works with organisations through times of significant change.

She has experience of working with micro to macro organisations. 

Ruth supports:

  • the development of new interpersonal skills
  • effective communication
  • the development of emotional intelligence and insight
  • an understanding of how systemic and unconscious processes operate
  • a deeper understanding of team and group process
  • confident working relationships
  • effective ways of dealing with confrontation and conflict resolution
  • better coping skills in challenging and stressful situations.
  • the development of the individuals potential
To arrange an appointment,
call Ruth on
07736 33 44 54
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