About Ruth

Ruth has a degree in psychology and a master’s degree in social work. In addition to this she has an advanced diploma in integrative counselling, a diploma in integrative supervision and six years training in integrative psychotherapy. She has significant post graduate training in couples work, supervision, organisational development and executive coaching. Ruth has extensive training and experience of working with sandplay therapy and therapeutic art. She is also a trained mindfulness teacher.

Ruth has a strong background in psychological theories and their application to human behaviour. These theories and understandings are versatile in terms of their application across a range of settings. Her approach is integrative and relational. It is informed by: Transactional Analysis,Gestalt,Jungian theory - developmental psychology, attachment theory, psycho dynamic theories, cognitive behavioural psychology, group analysis, transpersonal theories, mindfulness, a deep understanding of the importance of human relationships. In addition to this she will also use motivational interviewing, brief solution focussed therapy and emotional freedom techniques. Her stance is fundamentally person centred, creative and can be fun. Ruth aims to develop a therapeutic relationship which is both sensitive and challenging which enables a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics. She has practiced tai chi for many years and awareness of the intra-relationship between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves is core to her work.

By using an integrative approach Ruth is able to assess and approach problems from a flexible yet coherent stance to ensure maximum effectiveness. She will draw upon different strategies, techniques and theoretical constructs to deal with particular situations. This is supported by clinical and professional intuition which has developed through years of experience.

Ruth’s style is undoubtedly down to earth. She emphasises the importance of respect, kindness, honesty and equality when dealing with others and looks to affirm the integrity of the humanity of all involved. She can be incisive, wise, forthright and deeply understanding. Holding complexity; the ability to be with light and dark are all part of her strengths. Humour is important to her.

Professional Background

Ruth’s professional background includes working within the corporate world of publishing, in the voluntary sector and significant experience as a practitioner through to senior manager in the public sector including probation, drug and alcohol services, mental health services and hospices. She has wide experience,in organisational development and project management. She has a psychotherapy, supervision and coaching practice for individuals, couples and groups (private and organisations). She is an experienced teacher of counselling sandplay therapy and creative art therapy, mindfulness and facilitator of groups.

Ruth’s experience and training to date provide a unique blend of understanding of individuals and systems. She has an ability to grasp complexity and see through problems with a view to change. Her style is compassionate and motivational.
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